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Welcome to your one-stop shop for printing OS 1:25,000 and 1:50,000 maps for your outdoor business.

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Please ensure the email address is the same as the one you used to register on our shop at https://chasingmaps.com.

We use this email to send you a one-time login only. It is not saved or used for any other purpose.

Our systems synchronise at least once every hour, so if you have only recently registered, please be patient. If you cannot access the system within 24 hours of registering, please get in touch with us so we can look into this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Amazing! How do I sign up?

  1. Create an account on https://chasingmaps.com
  2. Make sure you add your MTUK number to your account (you must be a full member of one of the MTUK associations to take advantage of the reduced costs)
    • If you are not a full MTUK associations member, get in touch with us to be verified as a business and/or outdoor professional
  3. Wait up to one hour for our systems to synchronise
  4. Come back here and use your email address to get a one-time login link
  5. Enjoy access to the system - our help page will provide you with all the guidance you need (hopefully).

Your account will be created with £0.20 of credit added, allowing you to fully evaluate the system. Please note that this credit is for testing purposes only and you are not permitted to use the resulting print from this for any other purpose.

I am not a member of a MTUK organisation, can I still use the system?

Yes, though we give preferential rates to association members. We are also working on providing preferential rates to members of other outdoor trade bodies in future. If you represent a professional outdoor body, please do get in touch so we can discuss this offer to your members further.

If you are not a member of a trade body we currently provide preferential rates for, please get in touch with us so we can get you verified on our system.

I only need a few maps a year and another mapping service charges me a flat rate per year which works out more expensive than a few prints from you, can I sign up?

Unless you are a commercial customer and primarily using the service for your business needs, we're afraid we cannot accept you. There are a number of options available to you in what is known as the "consumer and leisure market" and we purposely do not compete with these.

Do you offer discounts for large volume customers?

We are working on options for this in future. At the moment we cater specifically to the small outdoor business market where no real affordable alternative exists. If you would like to discuss large volume terms, please get in touch to discuss this further.